A Guy Asks Another Guy Out on a Date and…

Asking people out on dates is tough enough, but what about if it’s a guy asking out other guys in public? YouTube channel, Whatever, went to the streets of California and decided to do an experiment to see how guys would react to this offer.

First of all, props to the guy asking people out. Even in California (looked like Santa Barbara to me), you never know when somebody could react really negatively. But on to some of the reactions, a majority of the guys said no, as I could’ve guessed. I really appreciated the guys who were like the Australian, straight but really cool about declining him.


Then there were the guys who reacted pretty aggressively, like the guy from West Africa who sounded straight out of the Book of Mormon (the musical, not the book, because that makes a HUGE difference). It kinda reminds you that some parts of the world are EXTREMELY against homosexuality, which is just sad and unfortunate.


Finally, there were the guys who said yes. Some of them were kinda weird, who gave their number even though they were married with kids. But the guy down below, man. I’m not sure if the Whatever guy was actually gay or not, but I hope he at least hung out with the guy who seemed so excited to be asked out! Would be sad to get his hopes up and then reveal it was all a prank.


All in all, I thought it was a good social experiment, and I hope it makes people think about how they would react to this type of situation, and more importantly, why they’d react that way.

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