Take a Hogwarts Class…For Real This Time


Yes, there was Pottermore, the official lifesaver for those Harry Potter fans crying themselves to sleep every night after the last movie came out. Although Harry Potter as we know it is over, it can never TRULY be over, as the magic lives on within every fan, as cheesy as that sounds. Some of us take that passion for wizardy more seriously than others, which is why Hogwarts is Here is now a thing.


That’s right, you can now take an actual class as if you are a student at Hogwarts. You sign up, open up a bank account at Gringotts, and well, there just seems to be so much to do, all of which I haven’t tried yet. While the site looks and feels like an official Harry Potter site, it is actually 100% fan driven, with no support from Warner Bros. or anybody officially affiliated with the franchise. That said, the site is impressive and I can’t wait to explore!

Will you be enrolling at Hogwarts? Check it out by clicking here!

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