Boom Clap…’The Fault in Our Stars’ Get Its First Track

Lately, a trend has been spreading that involves movies based on young adult novels creating songs specifically for the movie. This is different from the film’s score, mind you, as the songs I’m talking about sound like your usual Top 40 mix. It’s been done well with The Hunger Games, and somewhat successfully with Divergent (really should’ve kept some of the songs OUT of the movie.) And now, songs are starting to surface for the upcoming movie based on the book The Fault in Our Stars.

The first song is below and it’s called “Boom Clap” by Charli XCX. Now, this book was amazing to me so I was a bit nervous about the songs they’d create for this, but this song is amazing! I love the sound of it, and it’s totally something I’d play when I’m, you know, falling for someone hopelessly. So check it out below and let me know what you think!

Thanks to Page to Premiere for the heads up!

One thought on “Boom Clap…’The Fault in Our Stars’ Get Its First Track

  1. Most Loadstar tracks go back forth beweetn DnB and Drumstep, but this one is entirely Drumstep. Its all about the snare placement that makes the distinction. This beat breaks closer to 85 than 170.

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