In That Moment…

Is there a video out there that captures the exact moment someone falls for someone else? Even typing out that question, I’m pretty sure that no such video exists. Sure, the entertainment industry can emulate this sensation pretty well. I’m sure we’ve all seen a movie where we witness the moment Character A falls hopelessly for Character B, but this is all just an act. Even thinking about the YouTube world, which has couples in love capturing almost literally every moment of their existence, I’m pretty sure that the moment they actually fell for each other either happened before a camera was even set on them, or at a time that having a camera even out would prevent such a moment from even happening.

Perhaps that’s the beauty of that moment, though. Looking at someone’s eyes dance around excitedly as they talk about something they’re passionate about. Seeing the corners of their mouth curl up at something cute or funny. Having their thumb lightly trace the back of your hand, realizing how much they care for you, too. Perhaps the effects of all that is something so beautiful that it’s best kept off-the-record.

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