Things to Look for in a Relationship

I came across this on my Facebook feed, read the title, and thought, “Well, what does THOUGHT CATALOG know about my love life?” As I went down the list, turns out they know a lot of what I want. Or maybe they listed things that everyone wants…but still. Here are some of the ones that hit me the most.

1. The kind of inside jokes that make you crack up just by looking at each other, and that you think of while you’re alone (and which make you laugh like an insane person in line at the grocery store).

4. At least one hobby or interest that they are passionate about, that you don’t have to be present for. Drinking does not count.

10. The conversations that last all night where you tell all of your biggest secrets and know that the other person will keep them safe.

15. Never calls you stupid, or insinuates anything about your intelligence.

17. Wants children as much or as little as you do.

18. Lets you do your own thing from time to time, or just have a little moment to yourself, and doesn’t feel threatened by you having a life outside of your relationship.

21. Knows how to kiss. And does it often.

I mean, going through the list again, who DOESN’T want these things? But still, I want them, and that’s why this is important. If you want to check out the rest of the list, head on over to Thought Catalog!



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