Single, Gay, Military…Honey Maid Celebrates Dads of All Kinds

This will remind you of that Cheerios commercial that caused people to discuss interracial families. Honey Maid has started a “Wholesome” campaign, which kicks off with this commercial, which seems to give a pat on the back to dads of all kinds. Whether they’re married, single, gay, straight, black, white, and all of the above, Honey Maid has their backs. Check out the heartwarming commercial below!

Going even further, Honey Maid has also produced mini documentaries on the people featured in this commercial, giving a closer look at the different types of families that exist. Below is one of those documentaries, called “Dad & Papa,” with more available at the Honey Maid YouTube channel.

Some might see this as Honey Maid jumping on the Cheerios bandwagon. Or, it could just be that there are actually quite a lot of people who see how the idea of what makes up a family is changing, and how much beauty different types of families add to the world. Honey Maid, you earn my respect. My next box of Teddy Grahams will taste that much better.

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