Who Will Be Augustus in ‘The Fault In Our Stars?’

No doubt lots of people are looking forward to The Fault In Our Stars hitting the big screen, and casting news has been very, very exciting. Hypable just put up a post about five actors supposedly testing for the role of Augustus this weekend. This is super exciting for me, since I didn’t really have a clear picture of Gus as I was reading the book. Or did I? I can’t remember. Anywho, you can check the article for all five actors, but here are the ones I’m digging.

Brenton Thwaites


Nick Robinson


These two picks are purely superficial and based on looks, because I was not familiar with the actors before I saw the Hypable post. However, I did do some digging on YouTube, and found two interview clips of the two actors. Based on these, my decision felt more valid, although I should really see them acting. Anyway, the clips are below.

My mind is more than likely going to change as the casting process continues, but I’ll be fine with these two if either of them get picked. Who would you like to see play Gus?

via Hypable

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