Let’s Start a ‘Delirium’ Kickstarter…PLEASE

So I was going through my usual morning Internet routine when a tweet caught my eye. The tweet was from Page to Premiere, a website that “follows adaptations of books, plays, and graphic novels, that are generating buzz in the film community.” The tweet was horrible enough, but when I clicked through to the actual article, it confirmed something I wasn’t expecting: The cast of ‘Delirium’ reacting to their pilot NOT being picked up by FOX.


If you don’t know what ‘Delirium’ is, it’s the first of three books by Lauren Oliver, and it covers a world where love is considered a disease, and people go through a procedure in their teens to ensure that they don’t become infected with love. It was a great series of books, and I was expecting it to be turned into a movie. So when I heard it was being turned into a TV show, I was confused, yet intrigued at the same time. And, as usual, as we got more casting news and updates from the set, I became more and more excited about the project.

But this morning, that was all crushed when I found out the pilot wasn’t picked up. I wonder why? The cast was great, the story was great. I really want to see that pilot to confirm that FOX is out of their minds (although some don’t need the pilot to establish that fact.) Anyway, I propose we start a Kickstarter to get the ‘Delirium’ show to fans in some way or another. YouTube? You know I’d LOVE that. But yeah…this news sucks.

via Page to Premiere

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