Web Surfers Band Together to Help Bullied Bus Monitor

If you happened to catch the video of Karen Klein being bullied by students on a school bus, you probably had your heart broken to hear the things being said to the elderly bus monitor. So many people have seen the video to cause many to feel anything from unsettled to outraged, but there is some good that has come out of all this.

More than 13,000 online strangers raised over $300,000 for the bullied bus monitor Karen Klein, who was verbally abused by middle schoolers in a shocking video that went viral Tuesday.

The story of the bullied, poorly-paid, hearing-impaired grandmother of eight captured the hearts and minds (and pocketbooks) of thousands of Americans. But perhaps more important, the story typifies how democratized media and crowd-sourcing can not only keep us informed of injustice, but also can make a difference.

Most people scoff at the power of social media, writing it off as something people do when they’re bored. However, clearly this is one case in which it can make a world of difference. It’s so great to hear that Klein will be able to enjoy a vacation and more at the hands of strangers, and hopefully this adds a new perspective on the level bullying can take.

via The Huffington Post

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