Welcome to Cars Land!

If you’ve been following Disney news, you’ll know that Cars Land is set to open in Disney California Adventure next week on June 15th. You’ll also know that this is a BIG DEAL among Disney fans. While last year saw the addition of the new Star Tours at Disneyland and Ariel’s Undersea Adventure in CA Adventure, an entire new land opening this summer is once again…a BIG DEAL.

A personal big deal is that I was able to attend a special preview event thanks to DaMouse.com! Da Mouse is a great site dedicated to keeping Disney fans updated on the latest news, and keeping fans connected to Disney Parks through trip reports and other great site features! Be sure to check it out!

Another thing to check out is my vlog on the preview event! A lot happened today, so I’m splitting the experience up into parts, so check out Part One below!

If you thought the shaky cam in The Hunger Games was bad, I apologize in advance for my vlog! I’m new to the outdoor vlogs and this was my first one! But hopefully you enjoyed the video, and stay tuned for the next one! Until then, be sure to head over to DaMouse.com for excellent pictures of the preview event!

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