What Your Facebook Profile Picture Says About You

When you look at your Facebook profile picture, what is the focus of the shot? Is it you, or your surroundings? According to a recent study, profile pictures focused on an individual is common among people in Western culture and profile pictures in which the surroundings are the main focus is common among people in Eastern culture.

Western Culture – Individualistic & Independent

“We believe these findings relate to a cultural bias to be more individualistic and independent in the U.S. and more communal and interdependent in Asia,” Dr. Park said in a press release posted by the University OF Texas at Dallas.

“These are not conscious choices,” Park wrote in an email to ABC News. “This represents the lens through which the two cultures view the world. […] We believe these values fundamentally sculpt one’s thought and choices, including design of a Facebook portrait.”

Eastern Culture – Communal and Interdependent

Does your Facebook profile follow these trends?

via The Huffington Post

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