VIDEO: Lady Gaga Gets Hit on the Head During Show, Keeps Performing

#PrayForGaga was trending earlier today, apparently due to the fact that Lady Gaga got hit on the head with a pole during a performance. She was singing her song “Judas” at her Auckland stop on her Born This Way Ball Tour, when a male dancer moved a pole off stage, bringing it down on Gaga’s head. In the video, the singer skipped a word after being hit and reached up to feel her injury, but continued to sing while walking off stage.

Fans have been reporting that she suffered a mild concussion from the injury, but she continued with the rest of the show despite her condition. The #PrayForGaga trend was met with lots of concern from fans, as well as people who downplayed the injury, placing “more important” issues worthy of prayer above Gaga’s support.


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