This Teenage Girl Made Me CRY

Oddly enough, despite my job and love for all things Internet, I usually pass on watching viral videos the first time I see them. “Looks like something I’ve seen before” or “Doesn’t look THAT great” are phrases that usually enter my head when I see a thumbnail of a video appear on my Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/Friendster feed over and over again.

That’s what I thought with this video, the one with a Minnesota teen that wows with an original song. When I saw this popping up on my feeds, I didn’t think this song could be that amazing, or make me say, “WOW.” Well, I didn’t say “wow,” and that’s because I was speechless and dammit, Molly Kate Kestner, YOU MADE ME CRY. This song is amazing and it’s nice to see Molly get so much recognition for such a well done and beautiful song. Good job, Internet.

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