If You’ve Had a “Sad Desk Lunch,” You’re Not Alone

One thing that I’m so fortunate to have at my job is a bunch of coworkers I not only get along with, but love dearly (as friends…geez). This means, I’m usually never short in supply of a lunch buddy who I can step outside of the office with and grab some food. However, there are circumstances where I don’t go out for lunch, such as attempting to be healthy/save money by bringing a lunch, or being so busy that I have my lunch at my desk. This is where sad desk lunch comes in handy.

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That’s right, there’s a site where everyone who has a sad desk lunch can come together and express their sadness. Spilled oatmeal, using Cheetos as croutons, and everything in between…this site has (or can potentially have) every sad desk lunch you can think of. Once again, I’m thankful to have work friends that make my lunches something to look forward to each day, but the next time I have to eat at my desk, I know where to send pics to.

If you’re having a sad desk lunch at this moment, lift your spirits by checking out the site now.

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