When a Wink Leads to a Smile…

Today I picked up my lunch from a café close to my work. I got a turkey club sandwich with onion rings, in case you’re wondering. Anyway, I love dipping any fried sides I have into ranch, so I asked one of the servers if I could get a side of ranch. I’ve asked for ranch before, so I knew at this particular restaurant it was free, but after I asked, the server said, “$10.” I did a bit of a double take to see if she was serious, and when she looked at me, she gave me a wink and I got my ranch (for free).

As I was walking back to work carrying my food, I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that the server winked at me. I stop by this restaurant almost weekly, so we’ve seen each other before. And it’s not even like it was a sexual thing. It was the mere fact that she cared enough to make that joke with me, and made me feel like I was somebody to her. I don’t know, maybe I’ve just had a bit too many bad customer service experiences, but that small gesture was enough to make my day brighter.

It’s funny, because as I was walking to the café, I was thinking about the fact that I tend to avoid eye contact with people I come across. I wondered, “How much of a difference would it make if I took the time to politely smile at everyone who crossed paths with me?” Sure, some people would think I’m a creep, but based on how good I felt just after a wink, I’m sure a kind smile would make someone’s day a little better. Right?

Anyway, I think I’ll try that. I’ll try to smile at people more. And if I don’t, punch me.

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