I Always Have Trouble Answering This Question…

“What kind of music are you into?”

This question, more often than not, will give me a panic attack no matter who is asking it. Deep down, I know what I listen to on the daily. However, when I’m put on the spot and try to explain what type of music I’m into, I usually generalize by saying “Oh, just mainstream stuff. You know, Top 40.” To me, that’s the “safe” answer even though it doesn’t really narrow things down.

On the one hand, I really don’t have a problem with people knowing what I listen to. I have my Spotify set so that people can actually see every song I’m listening to, so really, I shouldn’t be nervous about answering this question. On the other hand, I feel like this should be a tough question to answer. Music isn’t just a sensation of sound. Music is a reflection of who we are. Sure, there are times when we listen to songs just because it has a good beat, or makes us want to dance. But a lot of songs we listen to can explain a lot about who we are deep down inside. It shows what makes us tick, is a good indicator of our current mood, and helps us get through life moments, both good and bad. Looking at what a person listens to can sometimes be a better way to find out about someone than asking them flat out to describe themselves.

So, if I ever tell you about my music tastes other than my “safe” answer, take note. It says a lot about how I feel about our relationship and that I’m willing to share such a personal aspect of my life with you.

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