5sos Fans vs. StubHub: The Battle Rages On

Photo: musicismyescape11.tumblr.com/

Photo: musicismyescape11.tumblr.com/

I’m not even sure what’s compelling me to write this post, but I am. I was looking through the trending topics on Twitter and saw the hashtag #5sosTakeTheTicketsBackFromTheScalpers. In case you’re not aware, 5sos is an Australian band who recently made tickets available for their latest tour. In typical fashion, scalpers were quick to jump on those tickets and while the initial amount of tickets is sold out, tickets are available through sites like StubHub at extremely high prices. Now, back to the hashtag, it appears 5sos fans are blaming StubHub for purchasing the tickets and reselling them to make a profit.



First of all, StubHub is a place for its users to resell their tickets to people who are willing to purchase them. For example, let’s say I bought 5sos tickets, but found out that I couldn’t go anymore. I could use StubHub to sell them to someone who will be able to use them. This is the intended use of StubHub.

So people who are directing their anger towards StubHub for this fiasco are misinformed. Granted, I know how upset they are. I once used StubHub to buy Lady Gaga tickets a few years ago and ended up paying way more than face value, so yeah, I get it. But people who are writing in to StubHub’s customer support centers with angry messages need to realize that it’s not StubHub they should be after, it’s the scalpers using StubHub to resell their tickets for a profit. I’m not sure how much StubHub can do to fix the situation, if they should even do anything at all. After all, it’s not their fault this occurred, they just so happened to be the service people are using to make this happen. But it looks like StubHub is listening and is giving 5sos fans a chance to earn tickets via the #IWantTix campaign. Again, they didn’t have to do this, but I think it’s cool they’re helping out with an ugly situation.

So please, if you’re upset with all of this, please remember who the real enemy is and direct your anger to where it’s rightfully deserved.

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