Beyoncé Releases Underwear for Anyone’s Butt

I’m kinda skeptical when it comes to celebrities releasing products. Like, how much thought do they put into the actual development of these products? Especially fragrances. I just imagine a team of people trying to create all sorts of scents and the celebrity comes in, smells, approves, and makes a ton of money. But anyway, I digress.


I heard on the radio this morning that Beyoncé has come up with her own underwear line for Valentine’s Day. The undies are fairly simple: Two pieces of black underwear with pink writing saying “mine” on one and “yours” on the other. Clearly, meant for a couple. The best thing about it is that the underwear isn’t just made for heterosexual couples. They have sets for a guy and a girl, two guys, or two girls.

While I don’t know how much work Queen Bey put into designing this underwear other than slapping her name on it, I will give her much props for slapping her name on something that is inclusive to any sort of couple that wants to wear her underwear. You gotta give me reasons to stop loving you, Beyoncé, because I just want to marry you. Well, maybe put your entire album on Spotify already. And if you could make Happy Meals that don’t discriminate on gender, that would be great too. Ok, I’ll stop.

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