New Zombie Experience: The Walking Dead Escape

Click for official website!

Surely you’ve heard of Run For Your Lives, the 5K zombie obstacle race. If you’re like me, you love the idea of running from the undead, but hate the idea of “dying” from zombie infection because you weren’t born a swift runner. Well, there’s a NEW zombie experience, kicking off in San Diego, and associated with the ever popular show, The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Escape is similar to Run For Your Lives in that the goal is to escape zombies, but for TWDE, running isn’t the key to survival. TWDE is not a race, and encourages participants to “be prepared to climb, crawl, and slide.”

Survival is Not a Race

The average time of completion is 35-45 minutes.

The Walking Dead Escape is not a race. No one is timed, and you are not required to run, but the slow usually die for a reason.

Be prepared to climb, crawl, and slide.

Depending on the encountered Walker, you may need to move briskly or lightly jog in an effort to avoid infection.

Hiding is recommended if confronted with a Walker horde.

Move swiftly the end is near.

TWDE is running for 3 days, and tickets are currently $80 to participate. If escaping zombies isn’t your thing, you can also be a “Walker” (a.k.a. zombie) or just be a spectator to watch the action unfold!

For more information, head to the official The Walking Dead Experience site.

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