Feast Your Eyes on a Deep Fried iPad

Ever thought about how quickly we get tired of gadgets, especially when those new iPhone announcements come rolling around? Thought Catalog takes a look at the work of Brooklyn-based artist Henry Hargreaves addressing that issue.

“I’m as guilty about getting excited about the latest Apple product,” says Hargreaves. “I see a connection between tech and fastfood culture, both are fetishized, quickly consumed then discarded.”

The approximately 245 million cell phones in the United States, for example, have an average lifespan of 18 months, with 900 million already put out to pasture. About 150 million are retired each year, and in an interview with the Environmental Protection Agency, Seth Heine CEO and President of Collective Good, estimates that only 30 million of those are actually recycled.

While the deep fried gadgets below are just replicas, it sure is some food for thought about consumer culture!

For more deep fried gadgets, head on over to Thought Catalog!

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