VIDEO: Welcome to Cars Land: Part 3! Radiator Springs Racers!

Last time I shared my experience of walking into Cars Land for the first time, riding Luigi’s Flying Tires, and exploring the beautiful scenery. Now, I have on-ride footage of Radiator Springs Racers, which is by far the best part of Cars Land. If you are going to be visiting the park when Cars Land officially opens on June 15th, I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND NOT WATCHING THIS VIDEO, as it will spoil the experience for you. If, however, you won’t be able to visit the park anytime soon or don’t care about having the experience spoiled, watch as much as you want!

Needless to say, this video doesn’t do the actual experience any justice…

Pretty sweet my first time riding, I got to be in Lightning McQueen 🙂 Because the crowd wasn’t too huge, I got to ride on it twice! There are two different routes you can take right before the racing portion, and both times I got to go into Luigi’s Tire Shop to get my tires changed before racing. Apparently, the other route takes you to get a new paint job!

What do you think of the ride? Let me know in the comments below, and click here for Part 2!

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