VIDEO: In-N-Out TOP SECRET Menu Item: The Double Duck

I’m sure you’ve heard of ordering something at In-N-Out “Animal Style,” or going above and beyond the Double-Double and going for a 3×3, 4×4, or even the 100×100?

Well, now it’s time to reveal In-N-Out’s “Top Secret” menu, since one of the items will be outlawed in California on July 1. Introducing: The Double Duck. This has thick slices of foie gras layered into a Double-Double burger. As some of you know, foie gras will be banned in California on July 1, so people are flocking to In-N-Out to get a last taste of The Double Duck.

Watch the video below as comedian David Ury orders and indulges on The Double Duck.

P.S. Did I mention David Ury is a comedian? That’s right, this burger is not actually real, although the ban on foie gras is. So share this with friends and fool them too!

via The Huffington Post

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