The New Buena Vista Mickey Mouse!

As you’ve hopefully seen from my most recent posts, I got to go to a sneak preview event and experience the new Cars Land and Buena Vista Street, opening on June 15! These are the newest additions to the Disney California Adventure theme park, and these were worth the wait!

Buena Vista Street (vlog coming soon) replaces the old California Adventure entrance, and is designed to look like the California Walt Disney experienced when he first walked onto the fine state.

I’ll save most of the cool stuff for the vlog, but I remembered some pictures I took with Mickey. The cool thing about Buena Vista Street being modeled after California in the 1920s is new 20s themed character costumes!

I know it’s totally cliché to have Mickey as a favorite Disney character, but we share the same birthday, so I feel I have a strong connection with the mouse 🙂 Doesn’t he look great, by the way?

Thanks to Disney PhotoPass for the pictures! Stay tuned for the conclusion to be preview event vlog series!

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