8 Signs You’re About to Cheat

So, you’ve met someone new and you’ve been hitting it off so much that you can’t wait to see that person again. But wait, you’re in a relationship, you say? But this new person is just a friend, you also say? You’re confused, you shout? How do you separate your feelings so that you don’t get yourself in a sticky situation? The Huffington Post provides 8 signs that you’re about to cheat.

Signs You’re Heading into Emotional Infidelity

1. You look forward to seeing him with more excitement than a typical friend, and spend more time with him than you should.

2. You find yourself dressing up and paying more attention to your appearance in a hope that he’ll notice you.

3. You confide in him about your relationship troubles at home.

4. You flirt with him, touching him while talking or making playful comments.

Are these signs sounding familiar? Want to find out the rest? Head on over to The Huffington Post for the complete list!
via The Huffington Post 

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