Have Wonder Woman and Moana Met Before?

Wonder-Woman-Movie-Artwork.jpgAs a huge Disney fan, when it comes to movies based on comic books, my eyes instinctively look to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not much of a surprise, seeing as the MCU has brought hit after hit in amazing superhero movies. Others will probably catch my attention, but hardly do I ever look forward to anything superhero-related that isn’t tied to the MCU. Wonder Woman was an exception.

I’m a huge fan of things that break the mold, which is why I loved Guardians of the Galaxy and how that team felt like such a breath of fresh air compared to The Avengers. I instantly felt the same way about Wonder Woman, simply because she is a woman. While there are quite a few female superheroes out there, hardly any of them get as much screen time as their male counterparts, much less get their own movie. Which is why I’m excited that Wonder Woman has been received well by not only critics, but moviegoers as well, with the movie taking in $11 million from Thursday night previews.

I saw the movie Thursday night and fell absolutely in love with it. Not only for being a fantastic superhero movie, but that this could help bring out even more female-driven stories (because really, we need more of them). While watching the movie, being the Disney fan that I am, I constantly kept getting reminded about another powerful female in recent film history: Moana. I expressed this on Twitter and others felt the same way, so here are moments in Wonder Woman that you’re going to feel some serious Moana vibes:



Wonder Woman is an origin story, and you’re going to get a visually pleasing lesson in Greek mythology and how it plays into the movie’s plot. The connection to Moana here is clear, as the film used Polynesian mythology to tell its story.

Leaving the Island


Early in the film, we find Diana on Themyscira, her secret and hidden home island which no man can set foot on. Without giving too much away, there comes a time when she has to leave the island, and she does so at night on a sailboat. Much like Moana did when she finally went beyond the reef and left Motonui. Try not to have “How Far I’ll Go” in your head when the scene plays in Wonder Woman. I barely was successful.

Diana of Themyscira


This isn’t much of a spoiler as the line appears in the trailer, but at some point in the film, Diana says, “I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta. In the name of all that is good, your wrath upon this world is over.” Not going to say when this appears, but as soon as she started saying it, Moana was in my mind saying, “I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat and restore the heart to Te Fiti.”

Badass Women


Not much to say here other than both Diana and Moana are badass women taking charge of their lives and fighting for what they believe in. It makes me so happy to think about how these two characters will empower so many females all over the world, and I sincerely hope that we get to hear more stories of women kicking ass.

As much as I tried to fight it, I could not keep these Moana connections out of my head while watching Wonder Woman. Thankfully, I now know that I wasn’t alone thanks to Twitter. Wonder Woman is out now, so go check it out for yourself!

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