11 People Who Accidentally “Swiped Left”

I’ve known about the Tinder app for a long time but thought it was stupid. Then one of my friends used it in front of me and now I’m trapped in the world of swiping left and right. Realistically speaking, the average Tinder user probably swipes left the majority of the time, sometimes so much that they occasionally do it ACCIDENTALLY. If you’re familiar with the app then you know how devastating that is, because the likeliness you’ll run into that person again is basically non-existent. I just accidentally swiped left, and instead of telling you about my pain, I’ll have my fellow Tinderers express it for me.


And to sum it all up…

One thought on “11 People Who Accidentally “Swiped Left”

  1. Seriously….its the worst shit ever….when im old and end up #foreveralone ill swear it was the fault of an accidental left swipe.

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