Brooklyn Beckham Makes Me Feel Illegal


Ok…getting REAL sick of people who are younger than me who make me feel inferior. I remember feeling this way when I found out how old Lorde was, and now I’m feeling this way looking at Brooklyn Beckham make his modeling debut. Yes, Brooklyn Beckham as in the son of David and Victoria, quite arguably one of the hottest couples in the world.

Brooklyn David

Brooklyn just took some shots for Man About Town, and well, let’s just say I wish I looked like him. It’s kinda creepy that he’s only 15, but I cannot deny when another human being is beautiful. Sad thing is, I once missed out on a chance to meet him and the rest of the Beckham boys, since they visited my place of work at the time on the ONE DAY I wasn’t working. But I digress.


Anyway, enjoy the shots, and head on over to Telegraph Fashion for a bit more. Or just do a Google Image search if you want to die.


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