This Kid’s Response to a Boot Camp Instructor Will Break Your Heart

Ricki Lake. Maury. So many daytime talk show hosts I used to watch growing up, specifically for their crazier themes. Like, “Who’s the father?” and “I’m afraid of pickles!” I actually remember watching this segment on The Jenny Jones show, when they bring in a boot camp instructor to set some misbehaving kids straight. Just watched this clip for the first time in years, and it broke my heart. See what happens when this drill instructor asks this boy a seemingly normal question.

Yeah, definitely gonna need some tissues after that one. I don’t think this really impacted me as much when I was little, but when you get older, and realize just how precious your time is with your parents, it means so much more.  And I’m lucky enough to have grown up with and still have both of my parents. Some people only have one, or none at all. It makes you really think about what you have and how precious it is. So yeah, WHERE are the tissues?!

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