Tove Lo Teases ‘Truth Serum’…Coming in March

One amazing day, a good Twitter friend named Joan introduced me to the artist known as Tove Lo. She’s not very well known in the United States, and only has a few songs out here. I first fell in love with the beautifully self-destructive song “Habits,” and with the release of her music video for “Out of Mind,” I fell even more in love (especially since the video kinda has some Miyazaki-ish elements to it.)

Unfortunately, I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this song to be available off of YouTube, since it’s not available on Spotify or even iTunes. But it seems the wait will soon be over, as Tove Lo just released a teaser trailer for her upcoming album “Truth Serum.” It looks like it will be out March 4 in the US, and March 3 everywhere else! I, for one, am so excited to hear more of her songs, and if you’re at all interested in her, let me know! I’d love to chat =]

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