Netflix Reveals Release Date and Teaser for ‘Orange is the New Black – Season 2’

I don’t know why, but once upon a time, I thought a show labeled as a “Netflix Original” meant the show sucked. Clearly, I was wrong, since people are gobbling up House of Cards (which I still need to check out) and I am bouncing off the walls with the latest announcement from Netflix regarding another original show of theirs. It seems they have revealed the date Season 2 of Orange is the New Black will premiere, and the day we’ve been waiting for is June 6, 2014. Not only that, they gave us a short teaser trailer to go along with it!

I think I’m gonna have to refresh my memory of Season 1 a bit before Season 2 comes out, but I for sure remember how much I loved the first season. Here’s to hoping that the next one is just as great!

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