The Last of Us: Left Behind – Download Instructions

Hey there! If you’re like me and preordered The Last of Us: Left Behind, you’re probably wondering how to download it! Easy!

1. Start up your PS3 and open “The Last of Us.”

2. You will be prompted to download Patch 1.06. Note: You cannot play “Left Behind” without this patch. Once it’s installed, reload “The Last of Us.”

3. The main menu of the game will look different because of the patch. You’ll see a menu option for “Left Behind.” Open it.


4. If you preordered it, it should say the DLC is free and you can download it from there. I’m assuming that if you didn’t preorder, it will give you the option to purchase.


5. File size is 5321MB and takes a little over an hour to download. Happy waiting!


9 thoughts on “The Last of Us: Left Behind – Download Instructions

  1. Back when it first came out I made a new account (MY 2ND ACCOUNT) i bought the digital game. (TLOU) Now the DLC is out and I went back to my first account and bought the DLC. That shouldn’t be a problem should it?

  2. Also having the same problem, I downloaded twice, it gets to 14% and then goes to the error that says the data is corrupted. Nobody seems to know the problem either.

  3. If u download the left behind with a voucher from gamestop and after u get the patch and it shows the left behind will it ask you 2 purchase it again?

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