This Time, It’s Okay to Go Through a Stranger’s Facebook

Facebook Stories

By now, most of us have “Looked Back” on Facebook in honor of the social media network’s 10th birthday, and realized that no matter how annoying Facebook can be sometimes, it’s still capable of reminding us of the better moments in life. Today, I came across “Facebook Stories,” and it seems Facebook has another great thing going for them. Pretty self explanatory, a story is told about people who have used Facebook. It’s presented in a great way, with a narrative from the people the story is about, along with bits and pieces pulled from actual Facebook accounts to add to the story. For example, you’ll scroll down and a Facebook message will begin appearing, as if you’re there in the moment. You’ll feel like you’re prying, but you can’t help but go on and finish the story.

Kimmy and Will

This morning, I read the story of Kimmy and Will, described as “A Story of Love and Loss Told Through Facebook.” Now, it’s definitely a lengthy read, so don’t expect to read it while you’re doing something else, but it basically details the events that led to this couple coming together, as well as the good and bad times they experienced down the road. I don’t want to give away too much, but it’s a beautiful story, and the added touches of making it seem like you’re seeing their Facebook messages to each other gives the feeling that you’re connected with Kimmy and Will. Which, I guess that’s what Facebook is all about, right? Connecting people?


Anyway, I think this is great, and it looks like there are 9 more stories for me to go through. I’m really curious to see what else can be told through Facebook Stories, and above all, I’m glad it’s given me a reason to go through a stranger’s Facebook profile and not feel too weird about it.

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