The Best 90s Commercials of Toys I Never Got

Socker Boppers

I always wanted these, because even young people want to punch things safely, right? Also, the slogan: “Blow ’em up, put your hands inside. Get ready to have the time of your life!” Hmm. Means something totally different when you get older.

Creepy Crawlers

I actually didn’t have much of a problem with bugs when I was little, and used to go on adventures to catch them. But making your own fake bugs sounded pretty cool, too. And what…you also could make Power Rangers? I was deprived.


Alright, so this is a bit of a lie. I did have Gak at one point, and it was awesome. However, I was a stupid little kid and forgot to put the lid on correctly, so the only Gak I ever had dried out and no amount of water could save it. They supposedly brought Gak back, but I have yet to see it. I want.

Polly Pocket

I’M NOT EVEN GONNA LIE…I wanted a Polly Pocket. I know there was a boy’s version, too, but I can’t remember the name of it. Was it Max something? Anyway, it seemed so cool to have a compact toy that could expand once opened. And that water slide? Yes.

Nickelodeon Magazine

Alright, so this wasn’t really a toy, but don’t even pretend like you didn’t try calling the number, even without your parent’s permission. I remember flipping through Nickelodeon magazine when I was little and thinking it was so cool. I was never ever able to get a subscription, though. Damn parental permission.


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