Doesn’t Juan Pablo, The First Latino Bachelor, Look White?

I’ve never really watched The Bachelor, unless you count watching for a few minutes while flipping channels watching. I’m sure it’s a show I could get into if I tried, since I can’t deny that I’m a fan of trashy reality TV, but for some reason The Bachelor has never captured my attention. Mostly, I just pay attention when they announce a new Bachelor, to see if he’s hot or not. Let’s be honest.

When they revealed the latest Bachelor, Juan Pablo, they were pushing him as the first Latino Bachelor in the show’s history. Now, when I heard the news, it was on the radio, so I only heard the guy’s accent and didn’t see his face until recently. But when I saw his face, the only way I would’ve known that he’s Latino just by looking at him is if somebody told me.

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo looks not much different from the other Bachelors, and the only immediate indicators of his ethnicity are his name and accent. After a little research, it seems that he actually is Latino, I was just expecting the first Latino Bachelor to actually look Latino. Sadly, this doesn’t stray too far from typical Hollywood standards, since you’ll usually see caucasian actors in the spotlight (sometimes even if the role calls for a specific ethnicity.) I think this especially strikes a chord with me since on Filipino television, the personalities on the screen are bleaching their skin to look more white. I’m perfectly fine with my brown skin, but it’s sad to see that some people only feel attractive if they are a certain skin color. I suppose choosing Juan Pablo is a step in the right direction, it just struck me as odd that he wasn’t what I was expecting when I heard his description.

For the record, though, Juan Pablo is pretty hot.

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