twenty one pilots: House of Gold

“Living somewhere between a promise that you’d die for someone while trying to live for them too.” Tyler Joseph, twenty one pilots

It’s funny how much a music video can do wonders in terms of helping to understand the meaning of a song. When I first heard “House of Gold,” I knew it had to do with the bond between a mother and child. Specifically, a son promising to take care of his mother even after he’s on his own. But after seeing the video, gotta admit that I kinda teared up a bit. The idea of being independent is great and is a huge milestone in life, but separating yourself from the people who helped get you to where you are today…it’s gonna be a tough thing to go through for me when the time comes. But you can be damn sure that any success I have will be the success of my parents, too.

This was beautiful. Music is beautiful.

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