We all dream of people we want to

We all dream of people we want to be in a relationship with. It’s a way of life and sleep. Often, these dreams are only known by the dreamer. A secret kept because it is believed that these types of dreams are a one-person experience. There’s no possible way the other person could feel the same.

But what if the person you were dreaming about actually did feel the same way? Even better, what if your “dream love” had the same dream, and experienced the same events that you did…at the same time? What if dreams of falling in love aren’t a one-way street, but instead a bridge being built between two people, them just needing to cross it to start the most beautiful love story in history? Seems farfetched, but think about it. When was the last time you told the person you were dreaming about what you were dreaming about?

I’d love to be one of the people to test this theory, if not be the first person. I’d love to lay out my dream, every detail, that causes my heart to swell even after my dream is over, and discover that I was not the only one who felt this way. I’d love to do it, but Liam Payne is so damn hard to get to nowadays.


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