Dear You, I don’t usually post anything too

Dear You,

I don’t usually post anything too serious online, but I’m having a lot of feels right now so STFU. I just got done reading our Facebook wall-to-wall from a few years back. We so obviously had feelings for each other, we just never did anything about it. Now our relationship and what it could or couldn’t have been beyond just a friendship is going to be the biggest unanswered question of my life. And now Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away” is playing on my computer and I’m a big ball of regret. Unless, by an odd strike of luck, life puts us in each other’s paths again and lets us figure out for sure what exactly it was between us. But let’s be real, that stuff only happens in the movies. Anyway, just wanted you to know, and to tell anyone else who has the misfortune of reading this to grow a pair and take action when something significant is so obviously in front of you instead of letting life pass you by.



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