Dream Journal

So last night I was dreaming that I was just chillin with family at some sort of outdoor festival. It was dark and really cloudy, very eerie. All of a sudden, out of the clouds came these huge planes with British flags on them. In my mind I thought they looked too much like bomber planes, and was somewhat relieved when they flew out of sight, but still had an unsettled feeling in my stomach. But then they came back and I saw bombs being dropped, exactly the way they do in movies, so I just started running. I remember being worried that in my rush to run away, I separated myself from my family members I was with, and had a feeling that I would never see them again.  I was then literally thrown into a war zone as I ran for my life, dodging bullets and watching people die all around me.

Not sure at what point I woke up, but needless to say, it was a very scary dream.

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