Pinkberry Now Offering Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Peppers as Toppings?

My froyo toppings of choice include fresh strawberries, mangos, and of course, mochi, but what if the mochi was found next to tomatoes? Well, maybe this topping isn’t for the froyo we know and love, but is for something new that Pinkberry is offering.

Pinkberry is going Greek.

No, the Los Angeles-based yogurt chain Pinkberry isn’t joining a UCLA frat; they’re hopping on the bandwagon and serving nonfat Greek yogurt!

The company — whose first store opened in West Hollywood in 2005 — is making a surprising move in a number of ways. While Pinkberry is known for its upscale frozen yogurt, the Greek yogurt that they’re starting to sell is unfrozen.

That’s right, Pinkberry has started to serve Greek yogurt, which has significantly risen in popularity. The store is also planning on selling coffee, trying to make it THE place to stop for breakfast.

As much as I used to love Pinkberry, I’ve skipped over it a few times in favor of its cheaper (but just as delicious) competitor, Yogurtland. However, I do love Greek yogurt, so maybe it’s time to go back to Pinkberry?

What do you think of Pinkberry’s newest offerings?

via The Huffington Post

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