PHOTO: Be Amazed as Cinnabon Meets a Hamburger

Once upon a time, when McDonald’s introduced their line of sandwiches known as the McGriddles, I thought having a breakfast sandwich with syrupy pancakes as buns would be horrible. Cut to a few years later, when I actually tried one, and I found out the mix of salty and sweet was quite delicious.

Now, The Huffington Post shows us that someone has taken these weird sandwich hybrids to a new level.

After listening to radio hosts discuss the idea of using a Cinnabon as a bun for a hamburger, Nick of decided he had to try it for real. So, he bought a Cinnabon, grilled a half-pound hamburger and fried some bacon. Then, he created The Cinnaburger.

And, he loved it. He found that letting the burger sit for a few minutes before eating actually worked out well, as the burger patty soaked up more frosting, which for him was apparently a good thing.

Despite the fact that it looks insanely bizarre, I probably would try a few bites of this should it ever end up being in front of my face. Would you try it?

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