Caution: Here’s an Example of How Easy It Is to Pull Up Your Social Media Posts

I’ll admit, even though the whole point of social media is to blast out messages to many people at a time, there are times when someone will come up to me and say, “Hey, I saw your post on Facebook!” and I’ll be completely surprised that they noticed my post. Sometimes we post out of boredom, sometimes annoyance, and sometimes rage. Well, there is a website out there created to show people just how easy it is to see what you’re saying online.

On, you can see main topics that are social media no-nos, but people are still caught posting them anyway. The site doesn’t shy away from posting incriminating messages from actual people, either. This website might seem like an invasion of privacy, but the posts featured on this site are pulled from PUBLIC profiles.

So, moral of the story, watch what you say online, because someone is always watching.

Thanks to vistatecnologica for the tip!

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