Where are These Things The 90s Promised?

The 90s was a great time filled with great things that I can’t think about without getting too nostalgic. The 90s also made us think that certain things and events were going to happen, but never did (anyone remember Y2K?) Just like they always do, Thought Catalog has created a list of 5 things that the 90s promised but never delivered.

1. The caffeine pill epidemic.

Caffeine pills were the ultimate choice drug TV trope. These worse-than heroin pills caused so many good television characters (i.e. Jessie fromSaved By The Bell) a life of horror. I remember watching Saved By The Bell as a kid and specifically asking my parents how dangerous/available caffeine pills were. They kindly (and oddly enough) responded that they were very easy to buy and should never be messed with. Pretty strange, as my mother was — and still is — a four-cup-a-day coffee baron. Alas, as the 90s generation grew up, drugs grew along with it; kids starting turning to harder stuff… you know, drugs that actually work, like crystal meth and, eventually, bath salts.

4. Writing in cursive.


I was assured — no, promised — that, by the time I reached 18, I’d be writing in cursive. Guess what never happened: by age 18, I was writing in cursive. Curse every teacher who forced cursive upon me. Do you know how long I wrongly assumed that all adults write in cursive? Want to take a guess as to how many adults I know who regularly write in cursive? Zero. Coupled with forcing us to use cursive to spell complicated words like “zoetrope” or “centimeters,” my hand became close to crippled by the time I was 11.

To check out the rest of the list, be sure to read the full post by Jeremy Glass at Thought Catalog.

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