Channing Tatum Says It’s Hard to be Sexy

Channing Tatum, star of the upcoming male stripper movie, Magic Mike, has made a confession: It’s hard to be sexy. If you’re a guy, that is. According to The Huffington Post, Tatum said it was hard to reach the level of sexiness found in the Magic Mike pictures and trailer.

“Girls can just do it, just walking,” Tatum said to the Los Angeles Times about being sexy and alluring. “Guys, it’s not the same thing. Especially when you put them in a thong. Everything you’re trying to do to be sexy makes you look like a clown. I challenge any guy to go and try to be sexy to his girl. … It’s a very humbling experience.”

Considering that the extras in the trailer seem to be having a very good time on set, I think it’s safe to bet that all their hard work paid off.

Magic Mike comes out on June 29th. Will you be watching it in theaters?

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