New Nintendo 3DS XL Revealed

I stopped playing with my Nintendo DS Lite a long time ago, but I always like hearing about new Nintendo products. Well, this is sorta new, but Nintendo just announced the Nintendo 3DS XL. Obviously, the “XL” indicates it will be bigger than the original 3DS with larger screens. IGN provides a few more details about the handheld.

The system’s top screen is 4.88 inches, giving an extra 90% view area. The lower screen is now 4.18 inches, also providing an extra 90% view area.

The new 3DS will have longer battery life, but an AC adapter won’t be included with the system in order to keep costs down (it will be available for purchase separately). Adapters from previous Nintendo hardware will be compatible.

The system will be released in white, red/black and silver/black color schemes on July 28th in Japan. A Western release date has not been confirmed.

The story is developing, but what do you think? Would you buy this new system?

via IGN

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