Are ‘Brave’ Reviews an Indication of Pixar’s Decline?

It used to be that when I thought of Pixar, I thought of this unstoppable movie-making machine that couldn’t be stopped. Movie after movie, Pixar just got better and better. While I still think highly of Pixar, the studio isn’t looking too good ratings-wise. Reviews for Pixar’s upcoming CG animated movie, Brave, have been trickling in, and on Rotten Tomatoes, the current score is 73%. This is a “Fresh” rating, but what happened to the days when Pixar had no movies that went below 90%?

My heart sunk when I saw Pixar get its first “Rotten” rating with Cars 2, and I know Rotten Tomatoes isn’t always an accurate indication of a movie’s quality (especially when not all reviews have come in), but I’m starting to feel this way about Brave. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited to see the movie, but the Disney fan in me is hoping the magic of Pixar doesn’t fade away.

What do you think of the Brave’s score so far?

4 thoughts on “Are ‘Brave’ Reviews an Indication of Pixar’s Decline?

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