VIDEO: Mini Pig Named Hamlet Braves the Stairs for his Food!

When I was little, I made visits to the Philippines (where my parents are from) and I used to take care of the pigs at the house I stayed at. I was too young to understand that they were being raised for slaughter 😦 …but I treated them like pets. I even got to take care of piglets since I was lucky enough to be there when they were born!

Well, now it seems that micro pigs are becoming popular as pets, and I will be the first to admit that I would LOVE to have one eventually. That is, if they really stay small. It would be a little messy if they ended up growing!

I came across a video of a mini pig named Hamlet, where he tries to go down the scary stairs to reach a bowl of oatmeal. Like most small creatures, they hesitate to make the jump down each step, but as we all know, food is a huge motivator. Hamlet shows hesitation at first, but eventually makes it, leading to an ending that even got me laughing 🙂 Check it out for yourself!

Would you own one of these cute little porkers for yourself?

via The Huffington Post

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