The Future of Touchscreens: Physical Buttons?

Before I had an iPhone, I had a Blackberry, which I loved. When I first tried typing onto a touchscreen and miserably failed, I was thankful to have a phone that had actual buttons. While I have since mastered the art of typing with a touchscreen, Tactus Technology is introducing the next stage in touchscreens: physical buttons. There’s a lot of science-y mumbo-jumbo that I can attempt to explain, but videos are so much better, don’t you agree?

I’m curious to see how this new technology actually performs. I think what’s most exciting is what it could mean for people who have trouble typing:

MedGadget notes that the technology could be highly useful for people with visual impairments, who might one day be able to read Braille on their touchscreen phones or tablets.

Would you buy a phone with this new type of touchscreen?

Source: Huffington Post

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